JemmTac™ Contact Web Cleaning Equipment

Jemmco carries a full line of full contact/full transfer web cleaning systems for a wide range of web cleaning applications. These systems mount on your existing machine end frames, for easy and simple installation, or can be made as complete stand alone units that can be mounted on to your existing machine. Single sided and double sided web cleaning systems are available for both narrow web and wide web cleaning situations.

Product Details

Highly Effective, Economical & Space Efficient Solutions to Your Web Cleaning Issues

Jemmco offers a variety of different contact web cleaning equipment designs to satisfy a broad range of web cleaning applications. The heart of any contact web cleaner is the contact cleaning roll. All JemmTac™ Contact Web Cleaning Equipment are designed to incorporate our proprietary JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeve, which is a highly effective and economical contact cleaning roller covering.

The JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeve is designed to pick up loose dirt and contaminants from moving webs, which it then transfers to the JemmTac™ Pre-Sheeted Adhesive Paper. Once the paper is filled, the operator removes the layer of the pre-sheeted paper, to expose a fresh sheet. The used paper is then available for analysis to determine the type of contaminant and ultimately the source.

Jemmco offers a hand held web cleaner and two basic Web Cleaner Equipment Styles for more continuous cleaning applications and a hand held web cleaner for lab work:

JemmTac™ Component Style Web Cleaners
The first style is the JemmTac™ Component Style Web Cleaner. This style web cleaner employs our JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeve which is mounted onto an existing idler roll on the host machine. The JemmTac™ Component Style Web Cleaner is then mounted over the idler roll, on the opposite side where the web makes contact with it. This is an extremely economical approach to web cleaning that does not alter web paths or require major revamping of equipment. Although intended for use with the JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeve, this style cleaner can be used with most competitive, silicone based contact cleaning rollers.
JemmTac™ System Style Web Cleaners
The second style cleaner is the JemmTac™ System Style Web Cleaner. This design is a complete contact web cleaner, consisting of our JemmTac™ Component Style Web Cleaner mounted onto independent endplates, including our EZ Sleeve Rollers and intended to be mounted on to the host machine. The JemmTac™ System Style Web Cleaners feature our EZ Sleeve Roller construction for simple replacement of the JemmTac™ Web Cleaning. It also features easy adhesive roll replacement and is extremely economical.
JemmTac™ Hand-Held Web Cleaner
JemmTac™ Hand-Held Web Cleaner features a JemmTac™ Web Cleaning Sleeve on a roller. The roller is attached to a 12” long handle making it ideal for laboratory work and spot cleaning. The JemmTac™ Hand-Held Web Cleaner is light weight and extremely economical.