Model DX-8285AB Pneumatic Method A&B Dart Drop Impact Tester

Product Details

Pneumatic clamping style, combination Method A & B dart impact tester with two air cylinders to actuate the upper clamp ring.  Dart holder has manual thumb screw release.  Meets ASTM D 1709.  For determining the impact resistance of plastic film, sheet and laminated materials by means of the free falling dart method.  Method A drop height is 26 inches (66.0 cm) with a 412 gram dart weight set.  Method B drop height is 60 inches (154.2 cm) with a 1310 gram dart weight set.

System comes with complete Method A and Method B dart sets including phenolic dart head (Method A), stainless steel dart head (Method B), aluminum dart stems, set screw collars, and full set of stainless steel dart weights.  Aluminum dart head is available as an option for Method A dart set.  Pneumatic dart release system is also available as an option.

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