QMi IMPS-1000

  • Interchangeable pin sleeves over a carrier roll
  • Typically mounted on a portable framework to allow relocation from line to line
  • Square, diamond, offset and custom patterns are available
  • Can be converted to produce slit perforations or a combination of slits and holes
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Product Details

The QMI IMPS-1000 was developed for customers who need micro-perforations in only a portion of a bag or only in specific areas across the web. The unit engages and disengages from the web as directed by other equipment in the line or by a QMI PLC control system.


  • The ability to perforate only specific areas down the web in register with a print mark or bag seam. Printed areas and bag seams can be avoided.
  • The ability to perforate only specific strips across the web by altering the arrangement of blank and pinned sleeves on the roll.
  • Patterns can be controlled by other equipment in the line, or very precisely with a QMI brand PLC control system.
  • Brush backup roll supports the web and allows pins to penetrate.
  • Movement of the web across the brush roll provides rotation to the unit. Belts transfer brush roll rotation to the pinned roll so it moves at line speed.
  • The clamshell style enclosure provides full safety guarding.
  • Bearing mounts and premium air cylinders give long life to the intermittent engagement mechanism.
  • Designed for either in- or out-of-line operation.


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