QMi MPS-5000

  • Mount horizontally, vertically or upside down
  • Can be placed in a wide variety of locations because of its small cross section
  • Square, diamond, offset and custom patterns are available
  • Can be converted to produce slit perforations
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Product Details

The QMI MPS-5000 is a reliable and economical machine that allows continuous perforation of .025” diameter through .100” diameter holes across the entire moving web or only in required areas of the web.


  • Interchangeable pin sleeves over a carrier roll.
  • Brush backup roll supports the web and allows pins to penetrate.
  • Movement of the web across the pins provides rotation to the unit.
  • Perforate only specific strips of the web by using pinned and blank sleeves.
  • Perforate different patterns or hole sizes in areas of the web.
  • Capable of perforating small and closely spaced holes.
  • Clamshell style enclosure opens and closes pneumatically, and provides full safety guarding.
  • In or out-of-line operation.


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