QMi SP-3000

  • Individual blade holders that slide in a “T” slot and setscrew in place for nearly limitless slit location
  • The enclosure opens and closes pneumatically, and provides full safety guarding
  • Can be configured as a microperforation unit or as a combination of slits and perforations
  • Designed for either in- or out-of-line operation
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Product Details

The QMI SP-3000 Servo Driven Slit Perforator uses sharp blades to create small slits in a moving web. A PLC control system reads line speed, print marks, bag seams, etc and engages and disengages the slit roll as programmed.


  • Slotted aluminum sleeves slide over an internal roll.
  • Brush back-up roll supports the film and allows proper blade penetration.
  • On board optical encoder for exact line speed and movement following ability.
  • PLC control engages and disengages the slit roll and web to place one or more areas of slits in a bag, a printed area or in a continuously moving web.
  • Reads print marks, bag seams or can be programmed to run a repeating pattern.
  • Can be mounted on a portable framework to allow movement from line to line.


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