JemmTac™ RGB Web Cleaning Roller Covering

  • Bonded polymer roller covering designed to remove surface contaminants from substrates
  • Available on new roll cores and as a recovering on many existing roll cores
  • Can be applied to a wide range of roll core sizes
  • Ideal for silicone free applications
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Product Details

JemmTac™ RGB Web Cleaning Roller Covering is a soft rubber coating that features a high wear resistant surface that provides a tacky surface capable of removing loose dirt and contaminents from moving webs. This proprietary rubber compound contains NO SILICONE and provides a soft, non-marring surface that features a tacky surface that is ideal for removing loose dirt, without scratching or marring the web surface. Our JemmTac™ RGB Web Cleaning Roller Covering is available in low, medium, high and ultra high tack surfaces.


  • Seamless design prevents scratching or marring of the moving substrate
  • Excellent wear and cut resistance
  • Unique surface property, which picks off surface dirt and contaminants from moving substrates
  • Available in low, medium, high and ultra high tack surfaces
  • Surfaces can be rejuvenated with regrinds
  • Available in a wide range of wall thicknesses
  • Good heat resistance


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Poor
Traction Properties Excellent
Heat Resistance 120°F
Wear Resistance Excellent
Hardness 20 - 30 Shore A
Wall Thickness ¼” to 1”
Maximum Diameter 24"
Maximum Length 230"
FDA Compliant No


JemmTac™ RBG Web Cleaning Roller Coverings are sprayed directly on your existing roller or can be sprayed on a new Jemmco Idler Roll. For pricing, please click Add to Quote above or call us at 262-512-9559.