QMi CBP-100

  • PLC Control system for accuracy and reliability
  • Straight rows of holes across or staggered “diamond” patterns
  • Sophisticated, rock steady airflow control system
  • Punches clean round holes, butterfly, cross cut and half moon holes from 1/8” through 7/16” in 1/16” increments
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Product Details

The QMI CBP-100 Cross Bank Round Hole Punch unit is the result of years of refinement. The machine has established itself as the industry-preferred solution for consistent and reliable perforation of film, bags, paper and other products. Standard and optional functions let the machine efficiently produce round-hole patterns in a web that is in continuous or intermittent movement.


  • On-board optical encoder for exact line speed and movement following ability.
  • Optional Computer Control allows for very complex hole patterns.
  • Air filtration and pressure control system.
  • High speed air/electric valves with fine tuning of open time to match product requirements.
  • Reads print marks, signals from bag machines and other units, or an optical encoder to produce single bags, bags on a roll, perforated rolls, etc.
  • Continuous operation for perforated rolls.
  • Standard portable frame with rollers and casters.
  • Standard 100% duty cycle cyclonic vacuum system for chip collection.
  • Dies can be re-sharpened to provide long lifecycle.


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