JemmStat™ CRC100 Conductive Ceramic Roller Covering

  • Features a very high dielectric strength
  • Extremely hard surface
  • Excellent resistance to ozone
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Product Details

JemmStat™ CRC100 Conductive Ceramic Roller Covering is ideal for corona treater designs that incorporate ceramic electrodes and a plain bare ground roller. The JemmTron™ CRC100 provides excellent resistance to ozone, which prevents the normal oxide build-up that occurs with plain metal rollers.

In addition, this conductive covering provides excellent resistance to cuts and wear, which reduces the likelihood of the roller surface causing any unwanted backside treat issues or marring of the substrate. This covering is recommended when substrates being treated are electrically conductive. 

These coverings feature a very high dielectric strength, enabling it to handle high power concentrations. The extremely hard surface makes it impervious to knife cuts. Its high dielectric constant makes it easy to match into most existing treating systems.


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Poor
Traction Properties Good
Heat Resistance 350°F
Wear Resistance Excellent
Hardness 60 RC (Rockwell C)
Wall Thickness .005" to .010"
Available Lengths Up to 350"
Available Diameters  Up to 48"
FDA Compliant No


Technical Data

Dielectric Constant  Conductive
Resistance to Ozone  Excellent
Dielectric Strength  Conductive
Cut Resistance  Excellent
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature  400° F
Short Term Max. Temperature  450° F

Roller Covering Pricing

JemmStat™ Ceramic Roller Coverings are sprayed directly on your existing roller or can be sprayed on a new Jemmco Idler Roller. For pricing, please click Add to Quote above or call us at 262-512-9559.


JemmStat™ Ceramic Roller Coverings are sprayed directly on your new or existing idler roller in Jemmco's manufacturing facility. For more information, please contact your Inside Service Representative at 262-512-9559 or via email at