JemmStat™ Anti-Static FlexCord

  • Constructed of Thunderon elastic fibers that provide excellent paths in order to dissipate static buildup
  • Capable of stretching 100 times its relaxed length to simplify installation
  • Available in rolls that are 10 meters long

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Product Details

JemmStat™ Anti-Static FlexCord is constructed of highly conductive Thunderon elastic fibers that provide thousands of conductive micro points which provide excellent paths to ground in order to dissipate static buildup. JemmStat™ FlexCord is capable of stretching 100 times its relaxed length to simplify installation. JemmStat™ FlexCord is available in rolls that are 10 meters long. 


What to know before installing JemmCord:

  • Position the JemmCord just prior to where the static charge is creating a production or quality problem.
  • It may be necessary to mount JemmCord at several points in a machine process. For example, the feed and delivery end of a printer.
  • Depending on the application, it may be necessary to mount the JemmCord above and below the web, sheets, etc to thoroughly control static charge.
  • Make sure JemmCord is grounded.

Mounting using mounting magnets

Step 1.
Using one magnet, thread the JemmCord through the magnet and loosely double knot the end of the JemmCord on the magnet side.

Step 2.
Pull the JemmCord until knot catches inside the magnet and trim excess cord if needed. Mount to one side of the metallic machine frame.

Step 3.
Stretch the Jemmcord tautly across and approximately 1/4" to 1/2" above or below the surface (do not exceed 1"). Using a second magnet, repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Grounding method options:

1. If the surfaces of the magnets are mounted to metal machine components, a ground may be achieved by the magnets and the end of the cord touching the grounded surface.

2. Leave a longer length of JemmCord at the end of one magnet. Tie or attach to a known grounded part of the machine frame or a grounded screw.

3. Attach a separate ground wire to the JemmCord.

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