JemmTron™ CRC300 Dielectric Ceramic Roller Covering

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Product Details

JemmTron™ CRC 300 Dielectric Ceramic Corona Treater Roll Covering is excellent for hard to treat, continuous (24/7), treating operations. JemmTron™ CRC 300 provides consistent treatment, excellent resistance to cuts, wear and ozone, and a longer service life than most other dielectrics. JemmTron™ CRC 300 is intended for covered roll treater designs, which incorporate steel ground rolls. 


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Poor
Traction Properties Good
Heat Resistance 400°F
Wear Resistance Excellent
Hardness 65 RC (Rockwell C)
Wall Thickness .070"
Dielectric Strength 250-300 in2/kw
Available Lengths Up to 350"
Available Diameters Up to 48"
FDA Compliant No


Technical Data

Dielectric Constant  8 to 10
Resistance to Ozone  Excellent
Dielectric Strength 500+ V/mil
Cut Resistance Excellent
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature  400° F
Short Term Max. Temperature  450° F

Roller Covering Pricing

JemmTron™ Ceramic Roller Coverings are sprayed directly on your existing roller or can be sprayed on a new Jemmco Idler Roller. For pricing, please click Add to Quote above or call us at 262-512-9559.


JemmTron™ Ceramic Roller Coverings are sprayed directly on your new or existing idler roller in Jemmco's manufacturing facility. For more information, please contact your Inside Service Representative at 262-512-9559 or via email at