JemmTron™ CRS100 Conductive Corona Treater Sleeve

  • Highly conductive corona treater sleeve
  • Excellent release, chemical resistance and wear resistance
  • Reduces static build-up
  • Ideal for many web processing applications
  • Cost effective solution to expensive spare ceramic-coated rollers

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*To calculate sleeve length, simply add 10% to the face length of your roller. Note: Sleeve length is in inches.

Product Details

JemmTron™ CRS100 Conductive Corona Treater Sleeves offer excellent release properties, high conductivity, low volume resistivity, excellent wear resistance and anti-static features making them ideal for applications processing delicate webs in need of static build up reduction. Common applications include winder cores, idler roll covers, mill roll core covers and more.


  • Available in diameters of 1” to 8”
  • Provide excellent wear resistance
  • Won’t scratch or mar surface
  • Easy, on-site installation
  • Eliminates the need for spare rollers
  • High conductivity
  • Good heat resistance
  • 2 mm (.078”) wall thickness



Technical Specifications

Release Properties Good
Traction Properties Good
Heat Resistance 400°F
Wear Resistance Excellent
Hardness 60-70 Shore A
Wall Thickness 2mm
Available Diameters 1.5", 2.0", 2.5", 3.0", 3.5", 4.0", 5.0", 6.0", 8.0"
Available Lengths Up to 10 meters
FDA Compliant No


Technical Data

Resistance to Ozone  Excellent
Dielectric Strength  Conductive
Cut Resistance  Poor
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature  350° F
Short Term Max. Temperature  400° F

Sleeve Sizing Chart

Diameter Relaxed ID Wall Thickness Roller Diameter Range
1.5" 36mm 2mm  40mm to 44mm
2" 45mm 2mm 50mm to 60mm
2.5" 58mm 2mm 63mm to 68mm
3" 68mm 2mm 73mm to 78mm
3.5" 80mm 2mm 85mm to 90mm
4" 95mm 2mm 100mm to 105mm
5" 115mm 2mm  120mm to 125mm
6" 139mm 2mm  144mm to 149mm
8" 190mm 2mm  195mm to 200mm

*To calculate sleeve length, simply add 10% to the face length of your roller.


Jemmco's rubber sleeves are designed for easy, in-plant installation to reduce time and money spent sending out spare rollers for recovering.

Three Simple Steps for In-Plant Sleeve Installation!

  • 1.Step One Installation

    Slide Sleeve over the edge of the roller.

  • 2.Step Two Installation

    Insert air nozzle under sleeve, inflate sleeve and pull down to cover roller.

  • 3.Step Three Installation

    Trim the sleeve to the edge and violà!


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