JemmTrac™ XT Traction Sleeve

  • Extra tacky surface for traction applications requiring extra grip
  • Seamless surface; non-marring, non-scratching
  • Economical alternative for expensive tapes and roller wraps

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*To calculate sleeve length, simply add 10% to the face length of your roller. Note: Sleeve length is in inches.

Product Details

JemmTrac™ XT Traction Roller Sleeves provide all of the features and benefits of the JemmTrac™ Traction Roller Sleeves with an even tackier surface for those applications requiring extra grip, including stripping rolls and label applications.

This proprietary rubber sleeve will keep rolls turning and prevent them from scratching or marking substrates. JemmTrac™ XT Traction Roller Sleeves won’t shed particles like many of the cork tapes available and are the perfect replacement for expensive tapes and roller wraps.  


  • Made to fit a wide range of roll diameters
  • Available in sizes 1" to 8" diameters 
  • Available in custom lengths up to 10 meters long
  • Fits over existing roll
  • Easy to install 
  • Easily cleaned with IPA and water (50/50 mix)


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Good
Traction Properties Excellent
Heat Resistance 400°F
Wear Resistance Good
Hardness 30-40 Shore A
Wall Thickness 2 mm 
Available Diameters 1.0", 1.5", 2.0", 2.25", 2.5", 3.0", 3.5", 4.0", 4.5", 5.0", 6.0", 7.0", 7.5", 8.0"
Available Lengths Up to 10 meters
FDA Compliant Yes

Sleeve Sizing Chart

Diameter Relaxed ID Wall Thickness Roller Diameter Range
1.0" 25.4 mm 2mm 25.4mm to 32mm
1.5" 29 mm 2mm 36mm to 41mm
2.0" 38 mm 2mm 47mm to 53mm
2.25" 43 mm 2mm 54mm to 61mm
2.5" 48 mm 2mm 62mm to 69mm
3.0" 57 mm 2mm 73mm to 82mm
3.5" 67 mm 2mm 87mm to 93mm
4.0" 74 mm 2mm 100mm to 108mm
4.5" 86 mm 2mm 114mm to 120mm
5.0" 98 mm 2mm 125mm to 133mm
5.5" 111 mm 2mm 139mm to 146mm
6.0" 124 mm 2mm 150mm to 159mm
7.0" 132 mm 2mm 175mm to 184mm
7.5" 136 mm 2mm 189mm to 196mm
8.0" 140 mm 2mm 201mm to 215mm

*To calculate sleeve length, simply add 10% to the face length of your roller.


Jemmco's rubber sleeves are designed for easy, in-plant installation to reduce time and money spent sending out spare rollers for recovering.

Three Simple Steps for In-Plant Sleeve Installation!

  • 1.Step One Installation

    Slide Sleeve over the edge of the roller.

  • 2.Step Two Installation

    Insert air nozzle under sleeve, inflate sleeve and pull down to cover roller.

  • 3.Step Three Installation

    Trim the sleeve to the edge and violà!


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