Dead Shaft Roller

  • Custom and standard dead shaft idler roll designs
  • Sizes range from 3” in diameter up to 10” in diameter and up to 160” long
  • Available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel
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Product Details

Dead Shaft Rollers are built with internal bearings and are designed to rotate around a stationary, dead shaft. Since only the shell rotates, this design decreases overall inertia. These rolls are often used in free turning applications, such as light films. This cost-effective idler offers low-friction bearings, increasing the life-span of the bearing itself. 

Jemmco offers the following Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel Dead Shaft Rollers:

  • Standard Aluminum Idlers
  • Lightweight Aluminum Idlers
  • Standard Steel Idlers
  • Standard Stainless Steel Idlers
  • Double Bearings Stub Shaft




Please complete the Dead Shaft Specification Form and fax (262-478-1306) or email ( back to receive a quotation. Or, simply call us at 262-512-9559 to speak with one of our Product Specialists.