JemmStat™ Anti-Static Cord & Magnetic Mounting Kit

  • Consists of 25 meter long roll of JemmStat™ Anti-Static Cord and 4 pull magnets
  • Simple installation and safe use of JemmStat™ Anti-Static Cord

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Product Details

JemmStat™ Magnetic Mounting Kit consists of one 25 meter long roll of JemmCord™ Anti-Static Cord and four 1.2 inch diameter round 5 pound pull magnets for simple installation and safe use of JemmStat™ Anti-Static Cord. 


What to know before installing JemmCord/FlexCord:

  • Position the JemmCord/FlexCord just prior to where the static charge is creating a production or quality problem.
  • It may be necessary to mount JemmCord/FlexCord at several points in a machine process. For example, the feed and delivery end of a printer.
  • Depending on the application, it may be necessary to mount the JemmCord/FlexCord above and below the web, sheets, etc to thoroughly control static charge.
  • Make sure JemmCord/FlexCord is grounded.

Mounting using mounting magnets:

Step 1.
Using one magnet, thread the JemmCord/FlexCord through the magnet and loosely double knot the end of the JemmCord on the magnet side.
Step 2. 
Pull the JemmCord/FlexCord until knot catches inside the magnet and trim excess cord if needed. Mount to one side of the metallic machine frame.
Step 3.
Stretch the Jemmcord/FlexCord tautly across and approximately 1/4" to 1/2" above or below the surface (do not exceed 1"). Using a second magnet, repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Grounding method options:

1. If the surfaces of the magnets are mounted to metal machine components, a ground may be achieved by the magnets and the end of the cord touching the grounded surface.
2. Leave a longer length of JemmCord/FlexCord at the end of one magnet. Tie or attach to a known grounded part of the machine frame or a grounded screw.
3. Attach a separate ground wire to the JemmCord/FlexCord.

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