JemmSil™ HS200 High Release Teflon® FEP Heat Shrink Sleeve

  • Excellent release properties
  • High COF & temperature resistance
  • Great alternative to expensive high release hard coats and release tapes
  • Custom-made in a wide range of diameters and lengths
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Product Details

JemmSil™ HS200 High Release Heat Shrink Sleeves feature the same high temperature resistance and excellent release properties as our JemmSil™ RS200, however they are applied on a high temperature resistant, thermoplastic, heat shrinkable sleeve. JemmSil™ HS200 is ideal for nip applications requiring high temperature, non-stick properties and is often used in place of the more expensive release hard coatings.


  • Excellent release properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Ideal for applications requiring high-temps and non-stick capabilities
  • Easy, in-plant installation - fit over existing idler rolls and eliminate need for sending out rollers to be covered
  • Supplied with either a .040” or .080” wall thickness
  • Bondable or non-bondable
  • Custom-made to fit a wide range of roller diameters, starting at 3” and larger
  • Can be cleaned with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and Water, however we recommend our JemmClean TR Treater Roll Cleaning Solution


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Excellent
Traction Properties Poor
Heat Resistance 400°F
Wear Resistance Good
Hardness 25 Shore A 
Wall Thickness .040" or .080" (custom thickness available upon request)
Available Diameters Custom up to 15'
Available Lengths Custom
FDA Compliant No
Shrinkage Temperature 250-280°F
% Diameter Change at 250°F 10-15% minimum

Sleeve Sizing

JemmSil™ HS200 High Release FEP Heat Shrink Sleeves are custom-manufactured to fit your roller(s). To determine the appropriate sleeve size to fit your roller and for a quotation, simply fill out Jemmco's Online Inquiry Form or contact your Inside Service Representative at 262-512-9559 - or via email at - with your exact roller specifications (diameter and face length).


Sleeve Pricing

JemmSil™ HS200 High Release Heat Shrink Sleeves are custom-manufactured to fit your roller(s). For pricing, please click Add to Quote above or call us at 262-512-9559.


Jemmco's heat shrink sleeves are designed for easy, in-plant installation to reduce time and money spent sending out spare rollers for recovering. Download Jemmco's complete Installation Manual for detailed instructions.