JemmSil™ S-420 Diamond Embossed Release Tape

  • Features a unique, diamond skin-like surface
  • Special silicone coated fabric construction produces excellent release properties
  • Produced with a permanent solvent based rubber/resin adhesive system
  • Provides good adhesion to metal and other roller surfaces

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Product Details

JemmSil™ S-420 Diamond Embossed Release Tape is specifically designed for roller wrapping applications. An economical solution, JemmSil™ S-420 Diamond Embossed Release Tape features a unique, diamond skin like surface, which provides points for the moving web to ride on, reducing the surface contact of the web with the roller.

This, combined with the special silicone coated fabric construction, produces excellent release properties, as well as outstanding grip capabilities. JemmSil™ S-420 Diamond Embossed Release Tape is produced with a permanent solvent based rubber/resin adhesive system, which provides good adhesion to metal and other roller surfaces. Found in many applications including, printing, coating, lamination, extrusion, slitting and converting, JemmSil™ S-420 Diamond Embossed Release Tape has proven to be the perfect solution to release and grip applications.


  • Diamond skin-like surface
  • Excellent release properties
  • Provides good adhesion to metal and other roller surfaces
  • Stocked in 2" wide x 27.5 yards long 
  • Custom widths available upon request 


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Good
Traction Properties Good
Heat Resistance 14°F to 212°F (-10°C to +100°C)
Wear Resistance Good
Hardness N/A
Adhesive Type Rubber
Surface Finish Diamond-Embossed
Wall Thickness .6mm 
Available Widths 2.0"
Available Lengths 27.5 yards
Liner Yes  (White Siliconized Paper)
FDA Compliant No


Technical Data

Adhesion to Steel 5.5 N/cm (19.8 oz/in)
Backing Material Silicone-coated cloth
Total Thickness 23.6 mils


Four Simple Steps for In-Plant Tape Installation!

  • 1.Step One Installation

    To get started, wrap your Jemmco tape one full rotation around the roller at the angle required to achieve your spiral. Make a mark on the second wrap where it meets the beginning of the tape.

  • 2.Step Two Installation

    Lay the tape on a flat cutting surface and cut the tape at an angle from the marked point to the opposite corner of the beginning of the tape roll.

  • 3.Step Three Installation

    If applicable, remove the liner at the start point and begin wrapping the tape at the edge of the roller.

  • 4.Step Three Installation

    Wrap the tape around the roller - at even angles - without leaving any gaps or air underneath the tape.