Model 3700SC Controller

  • Simple and flexible installation for a variety of applications
  • Can be operated from a remote location with integrated DIN connection
  • Combines economy with maximum performance
  • This product requires a lead time

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Product Details

The Model 3700SC Controller's unique adjustability features include user-settings for frequency, voltage and polarity outputs, providing precision ionization performance to match any static challenge. It is housed in a high strength body and provides an operation error alarm indicator, rocker on/off switch, illuminated ion pulse rate, and lockable setting key-locks.

The Model 3700SC Controller can be operated from a remote location with integrated DIN connection. The input voltage is 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 Volts DC – with variable shockless DC current output up to 14 kV.

Typical applications of the Model 3700SC include unwind/rewind, extruding, molding, sheeting, screen printing, clean room and other applications where long distance static elimination is needed without the use of forced air.

For quantities over 5 units, please contact your Jemmco Inside Service Representative at 262-512-9559.



Size 8.75" (222 mm) W x 7" (178 mm) L x 2.75" (70 mm) D
Frequency Use a slow frequency setting for distance ranges of 3 feet (914 mm) or over and faster frequency settings for closer distances, e.g. 1 ft (305 mm). Optimal operating distance ranges from minimum 1 ft (305 mm) up to 3 ft (914 mm)
Polarity Balance If the static charge varies, set a balance output. If static is constant, the balance can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for better performance
Voltage Variable from 0-14 kV output. Set full power for 14 kV except in sensitive electronic applications
Input Voltage  Standard 115 V 50/60 Hz or standard 24 V DC; optional 230 V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage Variable 0-14 kV DC
Amperage 35-volt amps starting load; 7-volt amps running
Alarm Indicator Light Flashes to indicate warning and service needed conditions
Remote Control Remote on/off and alarm signals available through DIN connector