JemmStat™ Model 400 High Performance Static Bar

  • Available in lengths 2 to 156 inches in one inch increments
  • Constructed of industrial grade extruded plastic, epoxy overlay and resistively coupled emitter pins
  • Effective ionization range up to 7 inches
  • Economical to operate; easy to install and maintain; long life
  • This product has a 5-6 week lead time
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Product Details

Jemmco’s JemmStat™ Model 400 High Performance Static Bar is a shockless superior performing medium range ionization static elimination bar with a market-leading compact and durable design. Quality engineered with replacement static bar users and original equipment manufacturers in mind, it delivers high positive and negative ion output in cramped quarters. The JemmStat™ Model 400 High Performance Static Bar effectively eliminates positive and negative static charges which increases production speeds and product quality. Jemmco's JemmStat™ Model 200 Power Supply is recommended for powering the Model 400 bars. (Power Supply not included)

For quantities over 5 units, please contact your Jemmco Inside Service Representative at 262-512-9559.




Lengths Available 2" (51mm) to 156" (3962mm), in one inch increments*
Weight 0.57 lbs. (.26 kg) per 12" (305mm) of length
Construction  Rigid PVC and aluminum body. All critical parts are fully encased for long life.Washable and usable for food applications
Bar Cable
6.5 ft. (2 meters) cable is supplied. Optional cable lengths available from 1 ft. (.30 meters) to 25 ft. (7.62 meters)
Max Temperature 60° C (140° F)
Safety Shockless
Mounting Adjustable studs in T-slot. Mounting straps provided for each bar
Power Supply Two outputs for two bar operation. Power cord length is 8 ft