JemmTrac™ TL Traction Tape

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  • Soft proprietary rubber material
  • Same material as JemmTrac™ Traction Sleeve with an acrylic adhesive
  • Ideal for higher temperatures

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Product Details

JemmTrac™ TL Traction Tape is a similar material to our JemmTrac™ Traction Sleeve, featuring a soft proprietary rubber material that features a unique tacky surface that will keep rollers turning without scratching or marking the substrates.

Jemmco's JemmTrac™ TL Traction Tape features a 2 mm thick extruded silicone strip material, with the same tack level as our JemmTrac™ Traction Sleeve. JemmTrac™ TL Traction Tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive and is capable of operating in applications up to 180°C, making it ideal for higher temperature applications. This tape is only available in rolls 35 meters in length, 50 mm wide and 2 mm thick. 


  • Capable of operating in applications up to 180°C
  • Available in rolls that are 35 meters in length, 50 mm wide and 2 mm thick 
  • Custom sizes available upon request 


Technical Specifications

Release Properties Fair
Traction Properties Good
Heat Resistance 180°C 
Wear Resistance Very Good
Hardness 45-55 Shore A
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Surface Finish Smooth
Wall Thickness 2 mm 
Available Widths 2"
Available Lengths 35 meters
Liner Yes
FDA Compliant No



Four Simple Steps for In-Plant Tape Installation!

  • 1.Step One Installation

    To get started, wrap your Jemmco tape one full rotation around the roller at the angle required to achieve your spiral. Make a mark on the second wrap where it meets the beginning of the tape.

  • 2.Step Two Installation

    Lay the tape on a flat cutting surface and cut the tape at an angle from the marked point to the opposite corner of the beginning of the tape roll.

  • 3.Step Three Installation

    If applicable, remove the liner at the start point and begin wrapping the tape at the edge of the roller.

  • 4.Step Three Installation

    Wrap the tape around the roller - at even angles - without leaving any gaps or air underneath the tape.


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